You may well remember that we turned to you, our valued customers, to give us a hand in deciding what we’d do for charity this year as a company.

We should’ve known better…

There’s a competitive streak that runs right through ARN – we’ll never knowingly be second best to anybody – and normally, that’s A Good Thing. But there’s a downside: that same dogged determination meant that, when your ideas came through to us, we looked for the most difficult challenge, not the easiest.

So we’ve made our decision. An ARN team is going to walk 500 miles, in one week.

The idea is that on Saturday the 27th of May, we’ll field a full-scale team on a walk from Craster to Seahouses.

When we say we’ll walk 500 miles, that’s the aggregate total the team needs to achieve. So, if we could get 500 people joining in, we’d only need to walk one mile each. If we get 10 walkers, we’d need to clock-up 50 miles apiece…

Participants will be given pedometers and the number of ‘normal’ steps they take during the week will also be taken into account. Given that the lads in the warehouse hardly ever stop moving, we’re confident we’ll hit our 500 miles target.

But it won’t be easy…

The charity chosen to benefit from this organised chaos is called ‘Gift Of A Wedding’. This suggestion came from Louise Cummings at AVS. (Thanks Louise!)We did our own research and we liked what we saw…

We’re in the process of putting a ‘Just Giving’ page together and we urge you to dig deep. If you’d like to find out more about ‘Gift Of A Wedding’, check out the info below.

Thanks in anticipation of your support. To visit our fund raising page, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


About Gift Of A Wedding

Gift Of A Wedding is a UK charity which provides free weddings to people with a terminal illness, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. The charity’s web site is here.

Case History: Kathryn De-Wet, who has terminal cancer, marries Nick Slattery thanks to Gift Of A Wedding, here. It’ll touch your heart…




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