We’ve been making the news in the catering press. That’s because when German coffee brand, Melitta Professional announced details of their partnership with us, eyebrows were raised. It’s a Big Story in catering, because it sends a message loud and clear to the coffee industry at large: Melitta means to ‘spread its wings’, by making its mark in our marketplace.

They were particularly complimentary about us in their press release. Laura Sherwood, New Market manager at Melitta Professional, said: ‘Securing this partnership with Automatic Retailing delivers a strong start to our journey into the UK Horeca market. With its great industry reputation, excellent customer service and expertise, Automatic Retailing was the obvious choice for us as our partner.’

‘Great industry reputation’. ‘Excellent customer service and expertise’. ‘Obvious choice’. Music to our ears, that was.

John Crichton our CEO was well pleased, as you might imagine: ‘Naturally, we’re delighted to be working with such a large and reputable brand as Melitta Professional as they continue to grow in the UK Horeca coffee market’, he said. (With a Big Smile).

Melitta has over 108 years’ experience within coffee, including sourcing and roasting. The history of the Melitta Group goes back to 1908, when Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter, thus laying the foundation for modern coffee preparation. We’ve got four fantastic Melitta Professional products on sale and available for immediate delivery. Find out more, and place your order, here.



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