The BIG news is that the army of operators who replenish the UK’s vending machines every day can win BIG footy prizes in Cadbury’s BIG promotion, ‘Match and Win’. Which is all well and good – except it means a lot of extra work for all of us at AR and in particular, our premier league warehouse team… Our very own Cadbury’s Heroes!

Is it just us, or is it only five minutes since the last footy season finished? Not that we’re complaining, mind: we’re pretty much football daft here at AR Headquarters. In fact, right now, the ‘muscle-bound hunks’, (it says here), we call our warehouse staff, are getting in some heavy-duty, pre-season training.

That’s because this season is starting with a great big chocolatey BANG.

It’s all down to our friends at Mondelez – that’s Cadbury’s in old money – and their sponsorship of The Premier League. They’ve come up with a promotion called ‘Match and Win’. It kicks off on 4 August and runs until the end of October – and it’s all footy based.

Every day, they’re giving away ten personalised Match Day Experiences (for two people); every week there are 50 pairs of match tickets, 200 Premier League replica footballs and 2- wait for it – 200,000 free chocolate bars.

All BIG numbers, we think you’ll agree, but here’s the daddy of them all: 80,000,000. That’s the number of packs that will carry the promotion. That’s a lot of chocolate.

Match and Win

Ha’way the lads!

As promotions go, Match and Win is about as big as they come; and Mondelez has form when it comes to successful promotions. Remember ‘Joynormous’, back in 2015? That saw sales volumes rise by 10% and a year earlier, ‘Win A Banger’ added 17% in sales value to Cadbury’s singles.

That’s backbreaking extra product picking, right there!

Match and WinNow, the amount of Mondelez chocolate bars we ship out of here on a regular basis is confidential, but between you and us, think ‘mountain’. Worst case scenario for the lads who do the lifting is a 20% hike in volume for the best part of three months… That’s because the aforementioned ‘army of operators who replenish the UK’s vending machines every day’ have their own incentive to Match and Win: by stocking five core Cadbury lines; affixing the free promotional material to their vending machine; taking a photo of the job well done and sending it Mondelez at, they’ll have a chance of sharing in the forthcoming footy fabulousness.

The bottom line is that you, Dear Customer, are about to see your sales of these Cadbury lines sky-rocket. The question is, can our Cadbury’s Heroes cope with the increased demand?

Of course they can!

Can’t you, lads?


THE PROFESSIONAL BIT: T&Cs apply. For details on how to enter and the prizes up for grabs, please contact your Mondelez Representative.






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