Nobody Does It Better!

If you have a product that deserves to be in the UK’s vending machines, get in touch with Automatic Retailing. ‘Simples!’ (As that annoying advert would have it…)

Hello there!

If there’s one aspect of the vending business that we haven’t mastered here at Automatic Retailing, it’s ‘getting our name out there’. So, let’s begin to put that right, right now; with this pull-no-punches assessment of what we can offer to suppliers and manufacturers, (like your good self, maybe?), who’ve set their sights on getting their products into the UK’s vending machines.

Fact: there’s only one wholesaler out there that’s dedicated one-hundred percent to investing in the vending industry – and that’s us, Automatic Retailing. Every time we make a delivery, it’s to a vending company. Unlike any other wholesaler, everything we do is geared to exceeding the expectations of this very, very specific market sector…

We’ve been serving the independent vending customer for 15 years and delivering to hundreds of customers, both here in the UK and in Ireland.

We stock confectionery, drinks, snacks; coffee, vending cups, (more than 40 lines of vending cups, by the way) and ancillaries. In fact, everything a vending operator wants, we’ve got it. In stock, ready to go.

You don’t even have to take our word for it; we’ve got the gongs to prove our case beyond reasonable doubt. Automatic Retailing recently won NIVO’s award in the category, ‘Supplier of the Year, Consumables’, for the third year running. (If you don’t know what NIVO Is, click here).

And if you think that’s impressive, we’ve won the equivalent AVS award eleven times on the trot. (Check out the AVS here).

The secret of our success? Well, the fact that we have a 98.8% success rate when it comes to order completion just might have something to do with it… With Automatic Retailing, it’s been about ‘The Full Service’ from Day One: what you need, delivered when you need it, in full. And these days, as part of the Kitwave Group, we’re investing in the future as never before, so if we can push that percentage higher, we will.

Automatic Retailing means business: HQ is built on a site of 100,000 square feet, in a modern industrial park just north of the Tyne Tunnel. We don’t know how many football pitches that equates to or how many double-deckers buses we could park in it; but suffice to say, if you ever get the chance to look down on the warehouse through the meeting room window, the towering expanse of product that meets your eye will take your breath away…


John Crichton and a glimpse of our warehouse.

We try to be the best in the business and we’re proud to be acclaimed by our customers as ‘the best in the business’. But we’re not about to rest on our laurels, take our eye off the ball, count our chickens or, in fact, do any else that’s clichéd! All we’re doing is continually trying to improve what we’re doing. Some innovations that will bring considerable improvements to our systems are imminent – so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to make sure you’re in the know…)

So, there you have it. Admittedly, we’ve been a bit ‘shouty’ and ‘in your face’; but so be it. It needed saying! You see, the thing is that when it comes to supplying the UK’s burgeoning vending industry, nobody – but nobody – does it better than Automatic Vending. Which sounds like a cue for a song…

* If you have a product that deserves to be in the UK’s vending machines, get in touch – just click here and complete our contact form.

‘Simples’, as that annoying advert would have it.